The Australian People’s Corporation.

The Australian People’s Corporation is a co-operative like organisation created for the use and benefit of the People of Australia (A similar goal for the people that the Yack Fuel Co-op provides and the Murray Goulburn & Gippsland and Northern Co-op’s provided). An organisation with a strong sense of civic duty that strives to make a positive contribution to the greater good of it’s members/subscribers, the environment and the greater Australian community. This is based on profound values of integrity, respect, personal responsibility, contribution and philanthropy.

What’s in it for you and your family?

The goal of the Australian People’s Corporation’s is to provide the subscribers/members of the APC with a new user-benefit’s business system they can trust. Providing the Australian People with Real Estate, Agri-Business, Insurance, Travel, Banking, Media and Telecommunication Services in an Australian owned co-operative like business format. Subscribers to the Australian People’s Corporation will be able to use with confidence the APC system for their benefit.

An additional part of the Australian People’s Corp is the Good Nature Foundation. The Good Nature Foundation aims to provide hope and support with philanthropic community and environmental ideals. The Good Nature Foundation will provide a vehicle for optimism and action to assist the People and the Environment.


The Australian People’s Corporation began in the North East of Victoria and Southern New South Wales for the People in the valleys of the





Upper Murray





Sandy Creek

The acronym “KOMMUNITYS”.

The Australian People in these KOMMUNITYS have the opportunity to be the first to use and benefit from their involvement and contribution in the APC.

The Australian People’s Corporation is a for profit organisation. The business goals of the APC are to provide subscribers with a variety of opportunities to use the APC system to the benefit of the Australian People. To get involved and become a part of the initial Australian People’s Corporation subscribe here.